Advancing width you MS&AD VENTURES

We move quickly
We don’t waste your time, and we make most of our investment decisions in 2 weeks.
We focus on relationships
We are less concerned with ownership percentages than we are with building partnerships, and we work hard to be a great partner to our companies and co-investors.
We are global
We invest in great startup ecosystems around the world, and MS&AD Group’s operations in 47 countries give us the ability to add significant value to companies expanding globally.
MS&AD Ventures is a small team with a big impact

Our team is made up of people with many years of both investing and operating experience around the world.

We are backed by MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, the 7th largest insurance conglomerate in the world.


Our mission is to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the world.


Our vision is to be the best partner who helps to create value globally.

We value
  • Humility

  • Hustle

  • Teamwork

  • Transparency

What we look for

Great teams. A great team is the most important reason a company succeeds.

Interesting markets. We like companies that are going after big opportunities and we think that great companies can help shape and define markets.

Aligned values. We build partnerships, so we look for companies who share our values.

Our investment approach
  • We invest in early stage companies (usually Seed to Series B)
  • Our investment size is normally between $500K to $3M
  • We typically join syndicates, but we may lead from time to time
  • We do not have a specific ownership target
  • We work very collaboratively with our teams and with other investors
  • We especially like companies that have the appetite to go global in the next 3-5 years
  • MS&AD Ventures wants to be the best partner to help companies grow and succeed, and we bring all of our resources to help in any way we can
Our investment areas
  • InsurTech and Fintech
  • Sustainability
  • Infrastructure
  • Futures of Transportation
  • Digital Health
  • AI and Analytics
  • Future of Work